Basic Reef Keeping

Everyone has to start somewhere. With the internet, you can find all the information you need to avoid agravating and costly mistakes. Many people, like myself have had freshwater tanks for a few year before deciding to take the plunge into saltwater. I went through a lot of trial and error and am constantly trying to get more information to learn about the hobby. Hopefully the videos I have below will help you and your enjoyment of your saltwater tank.

The folks at Bulk Reef Supply have made some great informational videos to help the beginner to advanced saltwater/reef tank keeper. They have helped me a great deal and I have put some of them below. 

These first few videos are on basic saltwater tank setup.

How to set up a saltwater aquarium - EP: 1

Protein Skimmers, Test Kits, Carbon and Acclimation - EP:2

GFO Reactor, Refugium, Auto Top Off, Phosphate tests -- EP: 3