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Coral For Sale - Live Coral Auctions

Coral Auction Store

is a place where reef aquarium hobbyists can go to easily find the coral they just have to have for their tank. I am fortunate to have several very good LFS near where I live and work. I have purchased many coral from them. However selection is always hit or miss.

There are many different sellers of coral on EBay. Individuals selling a few coral here and there, LFS from around the US and people who have created a business of selling coral colonies and frags. I have purchased coral from local LFS on EBay, and from coral businesses. Check out the Featured Coral Sellers for sellers that I have purchased from and trust.

Coral shipped from these auctions are sent overnight. They are packaged in such a way to provide the best possible protection for the coral. Most sellers provide an arrive alive guarantee.

Take a look at the coral available on these pages. No where else will you find the selection of types and colors that you will find on these pages. Window shopping is encouraged.

Thank you and come back often.

In The Works:
I am working on building a glossary of coral terms. I would like to ask my visitors for help. If you see a definition missing which has to do directly with coral, please forward it to me. It would help me, and your fellow reef aquarium hobbyists. One thing I've learned in this hobby is you never stop learning.

I also plan on having a video gallery of useful information. I've used YouTube to learn so much regarding the keeping of a reef aquarium.